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Welcome to our software and application website, We give advice and reviews on software, apps and fonts for website design, and management.

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Design work requires the right tools and at Morrison SoftDesign, we still use the industry standards of Apple Macintosh to design our graphics and fonts for our iPhone applications, apps and management brochures, our apps have been featured on best iPhone apps. Creating cutting edge graphics requires a machine that can keep up with the storage and memory needed in creating high quality graphics for print, web design and app design.

Our exclusive use of Apple Macintosh was a decision on the part of management and in conjunction with our team of graphic designers. Our team designs are a collaborative effort of ingenuity, softdesign and intelligent design from our fonts to our apps interface.

We continue to provide the best in marketing and management brochures for our exclusive list of clientele. With some of the leading names in the industry as our clients, we must always maintain our high level of creativity, production and integrity.

Our software, apps and services, while only available to a select few, have won numerous honors, especially with our Verizon free Apps Advice Guide that we offered from 2007 until just recently. Morris SoftDesign continues to provide only the best graphics in the industry as seen on online tv.

Morris SoftDesign continues to work on our iPhone apps and are showing great strides in perfecting our on demand print and web services. More information may be obtained by contacting